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10 Awesome Survival Tips

Some­times we for­get how effortless life is for us. Amid our nuts lifestyle sched­ules we take for granted how easily we obtain food and drinking water. Also the fact we are able to light a flame at a moments notice with matches or lighters. What if all of that was taken away from you?  Would you be able to survive if all the essentials were of no longer so easy to obtain. The unex­pected can happen and you might find yourself in the middle of the wilderness without proper tools and means many miles away from the nearest civilization.  I made 10 fundamental sur­vival recommendations to get you pre­pared- in case.

Stay Positive

The time has come to stay calm and remain optimistic. Opti­mism will go quite a distance, and in a sur­vival sit­u­a­tion, it all starts with you.  Your atti­tude along with your will power goes a long way.  First, keep a practical out­look and thrive  to keep your­self in the upmost physical and mental condition. If some­thing is not working out, like building a flame or shelter, never rush, try and remain calm and absolutely do not freak out. Losing it is 100% the worst thing you can do.  In most cases tasks can be completed latter with minor modifications or better conditions. Tell yourself, I will substitute what I need to do to make the success of my objective such as lighting a fire or building a shelter with a better strategy.  You can always adapt and make things better in a survival situation, so stay positive.

Water Is Your Best Friend

As Human beings, we most likely will die at around 3 days without water. Just be certain to boil your drinking water.  Hopefully there is a nice water source near by because that greattly imcreases your chance for survival.  Can’t find water easily?  Do not freak out and expand your search.  In the mean time build a water catcher.

  1. Use A Lot Of COM­MU­NI­CA­TION

Always keep up to speed on where and what your survival members are doing.  It is importnt to tell someone that you plan on exploring in a direction before you do so.  If you become lost, your survival team will have a good idea of where you are and will most likely be able to find you.  Where as if you did not tell them, the chance for them to find you is much less.


Having a good incentory is crucial for survival.  Situations can change in mear seconds and it is important to know of everything you posses.  A medical situation might arise and you did not know that a member of your survival team who is not there has the needed medical supplies.  Having a group invenroty and building it will help your survival outlook.

Create a Shelter

A shelter is extremely important for safty and also helps the pyscology of survival.  Find useful branches and other items that will aid in building a suitable shelter.  In some cases you might be able to find a cave.  If not, use pine needles as your flooring and large branches and limbs for the roofing and overall structure.  Building a shelter is a learned skill however you should be creative enough to build one without prior experience.

Food is a great friend

Starving is a huge fear many people have in a survival situation.  Moods turn sour and motivation goes out the window.  Do not let this happen.  If things are turning bleak try and expand your food sources.  Its time to eat bugs and be less picky on what eat, even consuming tree bark.  These techinques on what foods to eat can be learned in reading a survial book such as………….I cannot go into detail like they would in this book.  It will teach you how to build small game traps and what bugs and plants are execellant source for specific vitamins and proteins etc.



The number one priority for being survival is being resqued or finding the way our yourself.  Make sure a plane or boat is able to see that your are in need of their help.  do so by finding a clearing and lay our branches to spell our S.O.S., light a giant signal fire, or use a mirror or reflective object to shine light their way.  Obviously if you are fortunate enough to have a flare, do not be afraid to us it.


Fire Is Key

A good fire provides means to cook foods, heat, and protection insects and predators.  It is important to know how to make a fire if you do not have matches or a lighter. My favorite is the battery and steal wire.  But theses methods work great as well: bow and drill, lens method, flame plow, you can even make fire from ice


ONE WORD: Instrument

Having a nice survival multitool is very very important.  A nice tool will enable you to do many things

I recommend this tool here.






It is important to know where you are and what direction you need to go.  A compass is the best way to do so, however an undstanding of the sun and stars will do just fine. Keep an mental map of streams, rivers, paths and trials as you come across them.