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5 Good Tips For Surviving 101

Here are my ten quick tips for survival.

1. Get good at starting a fire with a flint and steel. Watching those people on tv make a huge fire with a simple flint and steel tool is not easy at all especially if you have never done it before. Make sure you know you are able to achieve the goal of a fire and know what kindling works.

2. Tinder options- Normally you look for for dry grass but that isn’t the only option. Animal droppings are a good alternative. So are Scraps of bark! It also is a good idea to have lint sheets in your bugout bag because A. They don’t take up much space and B. They make for really good tinder!

3. Understand what is edible – Knowing what you can or cannot eat at a high level greatly helps your chance for survival. Having a good understanding can open your sources and inevitably change the outcome of your situation. Imagine if you thought you were starving because you could not find food but little did you know that the abundance of conifer trees where the inner bark is edible and just might be enough to keep you afloat.

4. Have a really good well made survival knife – When you are in the shit, you don’t want to have to depend on some knife made from China. Get yourself a top quality American made survival knife. Check out the knives we have in our store. All those are highly recommended!

5. Have a water purification tool. Know this just makes life so much easier it is unbelevable. There are water straws or pump devices that filter water without having to boil it. So hydrating with clean water during a hike is possible with one of there tools.