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alternate survival weapons

Sometimes using weapons other that guns is the best thing to do.  Unless you have a silencer, the discharge of a gun could accutally put you in more of harms way.  Below is a handy list of what weapons to use and in which scenarios they are good for.

Weapons with Range –

  1. 1.Cross bow – a cross bow is essential to have in extended survival protection scenarios.  As you probably know, it is very lethal and also pretty much silent. The only downside to a cross bow is that the reload time makes it a one shot weapon in most cases.
  2. 2.Compound bow – The compound bow takes a little more skill than a cross bow but still packs a huge punch.
  3. 3.lings – mastering a sling is difficult but onces learned, you can whip rocks or heavy objects at a high velocity at your target.  Slings are great weapons because of the unlimited ammo supply.
  4. 4. Spears – Chances are you’re probably seen gladiator or 300 so you know how deadly a spear can be.  It can be thrusted towards a target many yards away or used in hand to hand combat.  Spears can also be used for fishing.
  5. 5. Air guns – These might lack the deadly force that may be required, however someone is very unlikely to continue to attack you if they are pelted with shot after shot of an air gun.  These stealthy weapons can also kill small game.
  6. 6. Boomerange – You can have a boomerange with a sharp edge that can cause great damange.  Boomeranges were used by indigenous Australians for hunting. It can be used successfully to hunt birds.

Short Range Weapons



  1. Pepper Spray – With the ability to drop an assailant or attacking animal in the blink of an eye, pepper spray is a great weapon for short range.  It is inexpensive and can fit in your pocket.
  2. fixed blade knife – An essential item for every survival situation.  Knifes can be used in defense or for many survival situations.  For defense, it is best to have a good sharp knife that has a fixed blade. You should have 2 or 3 knifes in your survival bag.
  3. Machetes – Say hello to the knifes much bigger brother.  Without saying, a machete is a nifty short range defense weapon to have.  It can also be used for many survival situations.
  4. Swords – If you are camping in then I would suggest that you have a sword.  It is the ideal short range weapon because a sword gives you an advantage over most short range weapons.  If you are bugging out then a sword would be a difficult weapon to bring along.
  5. baseball bat – I would not suggest using a baseball bat because like the sword it is a lumbering object to haul around.  If you are bugging in, then just get a sword instead.
  6. Tasers- Tasters a a great defense weapon when you wish to avoid lethal force.  You can have teh handheld stun gun or even a civilian shootable stun gun.