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Anti-Drone Eagles – The Dutch Are Training Eagles To Attack

Police in Holland have come up with a strategy to help their defense against drones.  Drone pose a serious threat for security because of many factors.  One, they are very small, and two they can fly very close to the ground or extremely high up in the air.  To help combat these threats, the Dutch have started to teach eagles to attack drones like they attack prey.  The program is already having success and it looks like training eagles to attack drones might be a actual solution to fight against the threat of drones in the future.  Check out this amazing video


Since a drone crash landing on the white house lawn not to long ago, the united states defense have raise up their efforts to fight drones but working on a laser that destroys them.  If that doesn’t work, they might have another solution, let eagles go to work.


On a different note, drones can be a useful tool for survival.  They can be used to scout land up ahead for animals to hunt or for danger.  Also, they can be used for fishing.  There are a handful of videos on youtube where people catch fish bobing their drone up and down like jigging for a fish.