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Autistic Man Eats Frogs and Tree Roots To Survive The Desert



July 13, Salt Lake City Utah- A man that has autism has been rescued from extreme heat while being stranded in the Escalante Desert for over three weeks.  How did he do it? Three words, FROGS AND ROOTS!

William M. Lafever age 28 was found by a police helicopter by the Escalante River after not being heard from for over four weeks by anyone.  He was very week and unable to walk.  Turns out he was trying to hitch hike his dog to Boulder but spent all his money and lost his hiking gear due to theft.

William Martin LaFever, 28, was found emaciated and unable
to walk on Thursday, more than a month after he was last heard
from. He was spotted by a police helicopter, sitting in the
Escalante River and waving weakly.

LaFever’s father told police that his son, who is autistic,
had called m on June 6 or 7 to say he had hitchhiked with his
dog to Boulder, Utah, to go hiking, but had run out of money and
some of his gear had been stolen.

John Lafever obliged to transfer his son money in Page Arizona which was around 70 miles from where his son was located.  William never returned his call and tried to make the journey on foot.

William hiked around 5o miles in scorching Utah Desert heat in some of the countries hardest terrain.  He encountered huge ravines and canyons with sharp rocks all around him. What saved his life is that he followed the river.  Along the way he only ate plant roots and frogs that he managed to catch.  “rescuers say he is extremely lucky to be alive.  William was finally found unable to walk or move any further.  He said he was laying in the desert heat at that very spot for three or four days.

Authorizes Believe that the Autistic Fever found a spot where The Highway the the escalate River crossed and felt he could get to Lake Powell then hitch a boat ride to page.  They say he is lucky to be alive and the roots, frogs and staying by the river truly saved his life.