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Awesome Prepper Food to Have

Storing up food for a long term emergency is what many preppers take pride in.  Here is a list of items you should check off that you have….

1. Large quality of brown rice.  Brown rice has more nutrition value than white rice.

2. Load up on peanut butter.  Peanut Butter is the perfect prepper item.

3.  Be sure to have multivitamins.  Having a large quantity of multivitamins is crucial.

4. Water up. Store as much water as you can in 5 gallon water containers.  Also have a water purification tool if needed.

5. Ammo is your friend.  Stock up on ammunition, you can never have too much ammo.

6. Lighten things up.  Make sure you have loads of batteries, matches and lighters.  Running out of those stinks.

7.  Buy  large bags of beans, sugar and salt.  Having these items in large quantities can only help.

8. Add powder to your water.  Buy some type of water powder that adds nutritional value such as powders power-aid or gator-aid.  Those are loaded with electrolyte-lights.

9. Can up with canned meats and vegtables.  Canned foods long shelf life and are the perfect prepper item.

10. Look into buying long term food storage buckets.  Companies like wise foods and Augustan farms specialize in food storage solutions.  They often have sales and bring great value to your inventory.  They food tastes pretty good to!