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Emergency Survival Foods That Last Forever

Emergency Survival foods- this is a  subject any every single prepper has spent a great amount of time thinking about. How much to have, what you need to have, the frequency of which to restore it, where you can maintain it, The problems go on and on.

It is a very overwhelming activity maintaining your emergency food supply that is filled with everything you need and is up to date. With respect to the some products, some meals should be replaced rather typically, a tiresome and expensive procedure that every prepper wants to stear clear of.

In an attempt to reduce this pressure, we have created a directory of the 9 success ingredients that always stay fresh. You will never have to replace these amazing emergency survival foods.


Vinegar is a great ingredient for making salads and dressings taste great. However, the practical uses for vinegar goes much further.  You probably already know vinegar can be used to clean but this video shows you so much more.


Though honey may alter a little in how it seems after some time, it will never go bad or be damaging to consume. Honey has some amazing therapeutic benefits too, which makes it a even more valuable commodity to have for survival. Watch this video to discover the survival benefits honey brings to the table.



Maple Syrup

This will get massive issues for variety and flavor. Maple syrup can be used for many more things than just making simple pancakes taste better. Maple syrup can be added to a wide range of food products to make them taste much better.  For instance, I used maple syrup on sausage, in my apple sauce, in my oat meal, and even to glaze fish. You may even make your very own from maple shrub sap. It  will be worth the effort, where it only takes up to an hour for a gallon.  It is not a very difficult process and it is well worth it if you happen to have access to a maple tree.


Sea salt

Salt has proven over centuries to be extremely useful to keeping food fresh and safe to eat before there ever was refrigeration, so you can be sure to known that salt is very useful for a survival situation. Salt makes most foods taste better and also is a great bartering item to have. In addition, salt is packed with essential electrolights which might become a problem with your diet in a survival situation. Check out this video to learn how to store salt the right way in mylar packages.




Rice happens to be quite functional and does a great job in making you feel full. Always keep a vast amount of rice in your long term storage because it is easy to cook and store. Rice is with out a doubt one of the most important survival foods for preppers. Check out the video below to learn how to store rice





Since sugar does not support the grow of bacteria, all forms of sugar can be used in your storage supply and never expire!  Store sugar the same way you would store salt, in mylar bags.  Also sugar and salt may be stories in a plastic

bag that is vacuum sealed.  sugar-973898_640



Vanilla Extract

This is a great food item to have. It makes a wide variety of foods taste great. Pure vanilla extract is quite beneficial and will 100% last a lifetime. See the video this to learn how to generate your personal vanilla extract!


Corn Starch

We all known that corn starch is one of the best agents use to thicken foods, but it goes well beyond that.  IN addition to being used to make pudding and gravy, it can be used for many other things that help you survive. Click The Link Below to discover all the amazing ways for you to use cornstarch!

Click This link


Liquor can be used to take the edge off for a short time, but you already know that. It can be used to clean cuts, scraps and bruises. Also, liqueur will have a high value in trade. It can be used to start fires, make a motolav cocktail, and best of all make water drinkable.liquor-365559_640