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16 Great Bartering Items To Have

If Shit hits the fan and the dollar is devalued you better make sure you have the means to acquire daily essentials via trade.  Below is a list of items that will remain valuable even after money does do a damn thing.


  1. Alcohol – Not only does alcohol serve a medical purpose, it will help start fires, and take the edge off if needed.
  2. Bullets – Do I really need to explain why these are important?
  3. Coins – After paper money fails, coins will still hold value in the bartering system.
  4. Cigarettes – Millions of people smoke cigarettes everyday and will become a huge luxury if shit hits the fan.
  5. Water Bottles – storing water is essential for long term survival so containers that effectively store water will always have value.
  6. First Aid Supplies – Having an extensive kit is recommended for survival because you never know what curve ball is going to be thrown your way.  But it just might be worth to part with some of it for the right price.
  7. MRE’s – Just like water, food is vital for survival, so having some extra MRE’s (Made Ready To Eat) items could be the difference of trading for bullets or even much needed medicines.
  8. Antibiotics and Medicines – Having a stash of these is important and serve as great bargaining chips because people in desperate need of medicine are likely to put some great items on the table for trade.
  9. Laundry Detergent – Being clean in survival situation is a luxury that everybody would enjoy, thus creating great value for items such as laundry detergent.
  10. Bleach – It can be used disinfect water, or keep items sanitized. This has the potential to be a great bartering item especially if there is a pandemic.  Only 1 gallon of bleach can disinfect 50,000 gallons of drinking water.
  11. Batteries – batteries serve a huge amount of good.  They power flash lights, radio, and other electronic devices.  Did you know they can also be used to start a fire? Batteries will keep everything functional and improve your survival chances.
  12. Fire Starters – These are so inexpensive, you should have matches, lighters, in great quantity.  They are small and easy to store and hold great value.  However when you run out of these, you become desperate and someone in need of a fire will trade big for the means to create one.
  13. Candy – Candy not only tastes good but has a high amount of calories for their size.  Plus their convenient packaging makes it easy to barter with.  Coming across someone who hasn’t had their favorite snickers bar in a year might trade some big items for it.
  14. Toilet Paper – Imagine not having toilet paper for a second.  Ok now you see why people would be willing to trade their farm for a handful of rolls.
  15. Water filter/Purifiers – These items can make any stream drinkable thus creating your chance for survival a whole lot better.  A water purification straw which costs around $20 might as well be a rare 99.99% gold coin if shit hits the fan.
  16. Candles – If electricity goes out and you want to keep some light going around your living quarters, candles are the way to go.  They are cheap and will have good trade value.

If you have a good amount of all these items, once the dollar fails and shit does hit the fan, you will be well off and able to make great barters with other people.