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how to catch crayfish in a survival situation

Using some of the fish you caught to lure in crayfish is an unused but great way to trade up the with amount of food you have.  Crayfish are a prized treat compared to other survival food options.  The relatives of lobster are extremely tasty and high in protein. Just 2 ounces of crayfish supplies a person 30% of the daily need of protein.

How to catch Crayfish

  1. check sandy banks of rivers and streams
  2. turn over rocks and other hiding places
  3. lure in crayfish with smelly fish

Don’t spend too long with option 1 or 2 because option 3 is by far the best.  Not only will it attract crayfish to you, but the crayfish will be distracted by eating and become much easier to grab.  Crayfish jet propel themselves backwards, so make sure you come in from behind slowly until you are within striking distance then snatch the little bugger as fast as you can.

If option 1 and 2 don’t seem to work.  Option 3 will have a good chance of success.  Crayfish are omnivorous that seek out dead, rotting fish and other animals just like their relatives lobsters and crabs.  So if you happen to find a fish washed up on the shore that is rotten, put it to good use and lure in crayfish. It is best to somehow secure your fish bait with some reads or string to make sure it stays in your catch zone and doesn’t get taken away by the current. Also if you happen to catch a fish, use its guts and remains  to lure in crayfish.  Check out this video on to learn more!

Hope you liked the video and learned some great things.  I used to catch so many crayfish growing up in the creek that ran through my neighborhood!  I never ate those at the time, but crayfish are a delicacy, especially in a survival situation.


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