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Discover the essential skills of preparation required for a successful survival situation. We cover multiple survival situation so you are never without the knowledge to survive.

How To Make A Hydroponic Gardening System

This picture is of a hydroponic gardening system that is growing lettuce

  How Hydroponic Gardening Works When most people plan for a long-term survival situation one of their main concerns is a food source. No matter how much food you have stashed away, eventually it’s going to run out and you’ll be scavaging for what you need to survive. You can only get so much from ...

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Emergency Survival Foods That Last Forever

Emergency Survival foods- this is a  subject any every single prepper has spent a great amount of time thinking about. How much to have, what you need to have, the frequency of which to restore it, where you can maintain it, The problems go on and on. It is a very overwhelming activity maintaining your emergency food supply that is filled ...

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wise company survival food review

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Reasons To Buy Silver – Video

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Awesome Prepper Food to Have

Storing up food for a long term emergency is what many preppers take pride in.  Here is a list of items you should check off that you have…. 1. Large quality of brown rice.  Brown rice has more nutrition value than white rice. 2. Load up on peanut butter.  Peanut Butter is the perfect prepper ...

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