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Read some of the greatest real life survival stories. Enjoy the bravery and courage real people used to overcome there survival situation.

Anti-Drone Eagles – The Dutch Are Training Eagles To Attack

Police in Holland have come up with a strategy to help their defense against drones.  Drone pose a serious threat for security because of many factors.  One, they are very small, and two they can fly very close to the ground or extremely high up in the air.  To help combat these threats, the Dutch ...

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Autistic Man Eats Frogs and Tree Roots To Survive The Desert

    July 13, Salt Lake City Utah- A man that has autism has been rescued from extreme heat while being stranded in the Escalante Desert for over three weeks.  How did he do it? Three words, FROGS AND ROOTS! William M. Lafever age 28 was found by a police helicopter by the Escalante River ...

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